How do Satoshi signals work?

Unlike other providers, Satoshi provides all trading signals along with the technical chart analysis for each
and every signal. This helps you to trade the forex market with full confidence using the chart analysis and
the reason for buying or selling.
Satoshi signals are provided by a group of forex traders who have more than 8+ years of trading
experience in the forex market.
Satoshi analyst team share their trading strategy and analysis reasons for each and every signal. which is
greatly helpful for new traders to professional traders.
Before paying for forex signals, always check the following:

1. Please don’t join in paid signal plans blindly without testing their free trial or minimum signal package.
Test it first to know about the nature of their trading strategy. because you should never invest any money
without knowing how it works.

2. If the signal provider sends you a signal without any reasons behind that signal, you should avoid that
signal provider completely.

3. Because Most of the signal providers send fx signals to you by seeing the forex indicators or copying
exactly from other good providers. So, please beware of this scam providers. They can’t provide any
market updates or alerts without technical trading knowledge.

4. Ignore the signal provider if they don’t know what they don’t explain why they provide you buy or sell

Can a beginner follow the signals?

We have many members who are new to Forex trading. When you sign up we will send you a details
explaining exactly how the signal service works. There is also some introductory information on Forex. If
you are completely new then we can direct you to some good additional resources.



How many signals are there per day?


There are usually 2-7 signals per day.


What time frame do you use?

We actually take a rather general look at price movement and look at the daily, 4 hourly, hourly and 15
minute time frames for all trades that we enter. However, we mainly focus on the 4 hourly for long term
trades, 1 hourly for medium term trades and 15 minute for short term trades.


Is there a minimum account size?

There is no minimum account size. We have many members who have small account sizes.


How many positions do you have open at the same time?

We normally only have 1 or 2 positions open at the same time.


How long are you trades open for?

We usually have trades open for a few hours at a time. Sometimes they are held over night but only rarely
is this for more than a day or two.


Do you adjust the take profit or stop loss after a trade is entered?

We usually do not adjust the stop loss or take profit level. Very occasionally, we may do this but we will
always send you a message with all the details.
The risk reward ratio will vary depending on market conditions but it is usually ranges from 1:1 – 1:5


What time of day do you trade?

We are based in the IQ but we trade almost all day. There are normally signals throughout the day. So we
expect that there will be signals that you will be able to follow. Also, we have many members who follow
for only part of the day. Some even follow using their mobile phone.


What happens after sign up?

After you sign up we will send you a detailed message explaining how the signal service works and you
will start receiving signals the next trading day.


Can we use my current broker?

You can use any broker that you want. We do recommend a broker but you can use whichever broker
that you want.